I`ve labelled these works as "art" as they have been done purely for my own enjoyment...
Nightclubbing NIGHTCLUBBING 2021 (2020)
Size: 190 x 100 mm
Ink drawing. "Nightclubbing 2021"


Aitienpaiva 2020 ÄITIENPÄIVÄ (2020)
Size: 225 x 200 mm
Ink drawing. A mother`s day card 2020.


mep MEP (2020)
Size: 210 x 228 mm
Pen drawing. I`m not a vegetarian or vegan myself but I got the urge to make some propaganda, just for fun.


Bloodride Planet Alcatraz 2020 Planet Alcatraz - 2020 Digipak Edition (2020)
An updated Covid-19 digipak-version of Bloodride`s 2016 Planet Alcatraz -album cover. (DISCLAIMER: no, this is not a real release)


The Adventures of the Ram-Man 6 THE ADVENTURES OF THE RÄM-MAN #6 (2020)
Size: 434x306 mm
Ink drawing. The Adventures of the Räm-Man - "Let There Be Bock", and there was episode #6.



So Long Suckers 3 SO LONG, SUCKERS - CONCEPT ART SKETCH #3 (2020)
Size: 390 x 270 mm
The first rockets turned out a bit too slimlined - where am I going to put all of the luggage? I solved the problem by designing a cargo ship that will transport all of the essential supplies, model drawing #3.


So Long Suckers 2 SO LONG, SUCKERS - CONCEPT ART SKETCH #2 (2020)
Size: 390 x 270 mm
Model drawing #2 for my spaceship, a more agile, sporty design. I still haven`t heard from any spaceship engineers? Engineering students can also get in touch, in this space business having passion for what you do is much more important than having perfect technical skills!


So Long Suckers 1 SO LONG, SUCKERS - CONCEPT ART SKETCH #1 (2020)
Size: 388 x 270 mm
At the age of 46 I realize that it`s time for me to man up, leave childish things behind me and start to plan for the future. I`m not going to be here forever.

So I started to design the spaceship that I´m going to use to leave earth. Designs 1 and 2 are ready, here`s number #1. Now, any spaceship engineers out there? Please send me an email / private message.


Lemmy - A Mission Every Night LEMMY - A MISSION EVERY NIGHT (2020)
Size: 334 x 489 mm
Pen drawing. I first started to listen to Hawkwind way back when and then discovered Motörhead...


The Adventures of the Ram-Man 5 THE ADVENTURES OF THE RÄM-MAN #5 (2020)
Size: 430x307 mm
Ink drawing. The Adventures of the Räm-Man, episode #5, "The 2020 Catalog".


le party 2019 LE PARTY (2019)
Size: 518 x 302 mm
Pencil drawing. Featuring Daft Punk, The Weeknd and Maya Bauer.


The Adventures of the Ram-Man 4 THE ADVENTURES OF THE RÄM-MAN #4 (2019)
Size: 415x298 mm
Ink drawing. The Adventures of the Räm-Man, episode #4, "Enter Räm-man".


The Adventures of the Ram-Man 3 THE ADVENTURES OF THE RAM-MAN #3 (2019)
Size: 415x298mm
Ink drawing. The Adventures of the Räm-Man, episode #3, "A New Hope".


Rory Gallagher 2019 RORY GALLAGHER (2019)
Size: T-shirt
I painted a Rory t-shirt as a gift for my wife. Based on a photograph as Rory doesn`t return my calls. White textile paint on a cotton t-shirt.


Afrodismi 2019 AFRODISMI (2019)
Size: 375x305mm
Finnish language wordplay stupidity.


Kalloistus 2019 KALLOISTUS (2019)
Size: 300x240mm

A friend of mine wanted to see herself "skullified", this was of course an interesting challenge so here`s the result.

The skeleton says:
"Protect the earth or we will ALL die!"

The carrot says:
She`s crazy, she`s going to eat me!
Do as she says!"


matkalla luuvreen MATKALLA LUUVREEN (2019)
Size: 440x530mm
Pencil drawing.


midlife crisis MIDLIFE CRISIS (2019)
Size: 249x343mm
Ink drawing.


The Adventures of the Ram-Man 2 THE ADVENTURES OF THE RAM-MAN #2 (2019)
Size: 415x298mm
Ink drawing.


George Clinton GEORGE CLINTON (2019)
Pencil scetch.


Andy Cairns ANDY CAIRNS (2019)
Size: 150x180mm
Pencil scetch.


another perfect day ANOTHER PERFECT DAY (2019)
Size: 310x310mm
Ink drawing & water colour


ars longa vita brevis ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS (2019)
Size: 590x435mm
Ink drawing.


syksy 2018 SYKSY 2018 (2018)
Size: 565x225mm
Ink drawing.


Hatanpää 1 HATANPÄÄ 1 (2018)
Koko: 550x440mm
Ink drawing. Part 1 of the Hatanpää-series. Frustrated by feeble attempts trying to piece together partial scans of the half meter wide drawing I proudly present to you this crap photograph instead.


Yksityishenkilö PRIVATE CITIZEN (2018)
Size: 300x320mm
Ink drawing. Finnish politics & word play & stream of consciousness...


Ralf Gyllenhammar RALF (2018)
Height: c. 58cm
Clay and acrylics. A graden gnome -version of Mustasch singer Ralf Gyllenhammar.


ka ching pieni KA-CHING (2018)
Size: 335x490mm
Pencil drawing. My anonymous promoter friend "N.V." from Helsinki send me a list years ago with everything that I was NOT to put in a poster that I was working on. I of course had to accept the challenge, everything on that list should be included here plus a few additions of my own.


Mara Balls MARA BALLS (2018)
Size: 360x510mm
Pencil drawing. Portrait of Finnish musician Mara Balls.


talvisote TALVISOTE (2018)
Size: 390x310mm
Ink drawing. Politics, a very long story...


murheen_laakso.jpg MURHEEN LAAKSO (2018)
Size: 270x300mm
Ink drawing
Main influnce here was the Finnish cult band Mana Mana.


plastic_fetish_land.jpg PLASTIC FETISH LAND (2017)
Size: 610x250mm
Ink drawing & water colour
An "inner space" co-portrait of me and my sister done as a Christmas present. She collects My Little Pony -toys, you can try and guess what I collect.


pektoberfest.jpg PEKTOBERFEST (2017)
Ink and pen drawing
A birthday card for my mother starring her (slightly deranged) cat Pekko.


syysjuhla SYYSJUHLA (2017)
Koko: 400x400 mm


Ink drawing
Politics and Moomins, the title translates as "Tove Jansson`s original "mörkö" (ghoul or ghost) design discarded as too scary" and stars, once again, a well known Finnish right wing politician.


sauli_ja_jenni.jpg SAULI JA JENNI (2017)
Ink drawing
The news that finnish president Sauli Niinistön and his wife Jenni Haukion were expecting a baby broke in the same week as the news about the first Finnish "male pregnancy".


cthulhu DREAM NO MORE (2017)
Size: 540 x 420 mm
Ink drawing. Cthulhu, following H.P.Lovecraft`s original description as closely as possible with a soundtrack of Metallica`s  "Dream No More".


trumphead.jpg TRUMPHEAD (2017)
Acrylic on canvas
A mix of politics, music and movies.


Persuland PERSULAND (2014)
Size: 410 x 340 mm
Pencil drawing
A political drawing, the Finnish post office had decided to release Tom of Finland -stamps and certain parties were not pleased.


takatalvi.jpg TAKATALVI (2014)
Size: 280 x 310 mm
Pencil drawing
A political drawing, the man in the picture is a Finnish right wing populist carrying migratory birds common in Finland including the Finnish national bird, the swan.


Ruusu tulppaani ja peyote RUUSU, TULPPAANI JA PEYOTE (2014)
Size: 330 x 480 mm
Ink drawing based on a song by the Finnish band Mana Mana (aka Murheenlaakso).


kellarissa.jpg KELLARISSA (2010)
Size: 280 x 220 mm
Ink drawing
A "fairytale" illustration.


pyynikki1.jpg PYYNIKKI 1 (2010)
Size: 270 x 340 mm
Ink drawing
A landscape from Pyynikki in Tampere, Finland.


pyynikki2.jpg PYYNIKKI 2 (2012)
Size: 250 x 350 mm
Ink drawing
A landscape from Pyynikki in Tampere, Finland.


pyynikki3.jpg PYYNIKKI 3 (2013)
Size: 230 x 300 mm
Ink drawing
A landscape from Pyynikki in Tampere, Finland.
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